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How to Control Quality of Baseball Hats during Production?

As we know, quality control is one of the 22 steps during the production of baseball hats. How to control the quality to make sure the baseball hats are made perfectly? Let’s see what we do in quality control during baseball hats production.
Fabric Inspection: The first thing to do in mass production is to purchase the fabrics. For a perfect baseball hats, the fabric needs to be correct in materials and color. They also needs to be eco-friendly, meeting the EU regulation and US standard.
Sewing Workmanship: The stitches of the baseball hats must be clear and neat. The standard stitch is 3 points/cm. No broken stitches are allowed.
Logo Finishing: Logos are the most important element of a baseball hats. For example, for embroidery logos, they must be done as detailed as possible. The size, color and position must be done as requested. By top embroidery machines like Barudan, the logo finishing will be excellent.
Shape and Fit: The shape and fit must be perfect. This could be ensured by ironing the baseball hats by 8 seconds. A good baseball hats must fit the head perfectly.
Final Quality Inspection: when the baseball hats are finished, final inspection will be needed. This ensures every detail of the baseball hats is correct and the workmanship is perfect.
In Sweet Ocean Headwear Group Co., Ltd., you will have your baseball hats made in top quality. With a quality control team, we will make sure your baseball hats are exactly produced as you requested. Your inquiries are always welcome.