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TEL: 0086 769 23156836

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How to Choose snapback caps that Fit You Best?

1. Try it on
Here at Sweet Ocean Headwear Group Co.,Ltd., we pride ourselves on the highest quality, snapback caps  to make you look fashionable.
Try on snapback caps in a variety of colors and note which ones flatter your skin tone. Pale complexions look best in warm tones, such as pink. If you’re dark-skinned, avoid black snapback caps. Make sure the snapback caps fits your head and doesn’t fall over your ears or squeeze your forehead.

2. Choose a snapback caps proportionate to your face size
Choose a snapback caps proportionate to your face size. If you have a small face, avoid snapback caps with large brims and crowns. If you have a large face, don’t wear face-hugging hats.

3. fit your face
Create length in a round face by choosing hat such as fedora or a bucket hat, and avoid rounded crown, such as a newsboy cap.
4. Show your character
Wear a snapback caps that sits forward on your head and has a distinct brim if you have a large nose.  A swept-up or angled-brim snapback caps is the most flattering if you wear glasses.  For every face shape, the snapback caps’s crown should never be wider than your cheekbones.  Play with angling so the hat looks its best on you.