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History of bucket hats

One of the ways that man tried to adapt to nature is by using hats & caps as a mean of protection. After that he started using nylon bucket hats and headgear for other purposes as well.
First classical bucket hat in human history was probably a big leaf or a piece of leather. But one of the first images of a person with a plain bucket hat is a painting in Thebes tomb. There is painted a man with a simple conical bucket hat. At the same time appeared “pileus” which is a simple skull cap, “petasos” – first fur bucket hat with a brim known to men and a Phrygian cap, Conical cap with folded top that was given to slaves when they were given freedom. Because of that, it was called “Liberty hat” during French Revolution. First big step in history of bucket hats with string was discovery of felt. There are different stories about how and who discovered it but it was discovered in the different parts of the world and in different time. Some of the most famous kids bucket hats are Stetson, Sombrero, Bowler, Fedora and Hard Hat.
Hat started as just one more protection from elements. It stayed that way but at the same time it developed into something more. As if it almost gained a character. Or better - thousands of characters. Find more about history of hats here in sweet ocean headwear group co.,ltd